We 're able to treat you as an individual by offering a wide variety of safe, effective, proven treatments, be it pharmaceutical medication, herbal/Chinese medicine or IV Therapy, to combat a myriad of health conditions.  Whether it is individual management or working in concert with our extensive referral network, we provide a well-rounded healthcare experience with personalized treatment plans shaped specifically to address the needs of our patients.

Our patients come from every walk of life and in every age range.  Different people have different health concerns but everyone needs quality care they can trust in.  We provide patient-focused, individualized treatment experiences for the entire family.  Our clinic is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their healthcare goals.


At Global, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their healthcare goals by treating the entire person, not just the disease process, using compassion, expertise and integrity. We accomplish this through the use of the most advanced, professional, integrative medical services. We take a comprehensive approach that maximizes the strengths of both natural and conventional medicine.


Dr. Dianna Henson, N.D., MSc D. Imaging, Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Dani Anderson, N.D., L.A.c., Provider

Dr. Cory Szybala, N.D., Provider

Megan Gardner, M.S., C.N.S., C.P.T., Nutritionist/Personal Trainer

Renee Oleson, Esthetician

Leland Grayson, Medical Assistant

Alexa Eldridge, Office Manager/Admin